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» Student Becomes First American To Discover Drum and Bass

Student studying by Don HamermanFor Rutgers Photo Services» Student Becomes First American To Discover Drum and Bass.

Montana University student James Tolson has become the first American on record to discover the popular genre of dance music, drum and bass. The country that has widely embraced various forms of electronic music in recent years has up until now somehow neglected to discover the D’n’B genre that has been around since the mid-90’s.

“I was watching a Battlefield 4 montage on Youtube that used a Camo & Krooked song,” explained James. “Up until that point I had no idea music could go faster than 140 bpm. I’d heard rumours of a genre like that from somewhere out east that was said to be so fast the song finished before you even moved your feet and left your brain trembling inside of your skull after you listened to it. After I heard  that first D’n’B song I knew I’d found that genre and that I’d love it, more than I love most people, for the rest of my life.”

Americans have no doubt heard the Amen Break before, but the genre has remained primarily in the UK and Australia. Though, with Mr. Tolson’s remarkable discovery and subsequent posting of links on Facebook and Twitter, that is now expected to change.

Similar to the dubstep craze of 3 years ago, American pop acts like Selena Gomez and Katy Perry have begun integrating drum and bass into their own singles while Kanye West is expected to use drum and bass influenced samples on the rumoured track, “Bandwagon.” Cuntrepeneur and geometric hairstyle person, Will.i.am., already started a viral campaign in which he claims to have invented “Fast Drums Music”.

While the rest of the international dance music community rolls its eyes from a combination of bored annoyance and ketamine, clubs across America are having “jungle nights” with many of the clubbers dressing as their favourite Jungle Book characters by wearing grass skirts and, in some cases, blacking up. A lot of club-goers and prominent bloggers are already calling drum and bass “the new trap” and praising its “easily understood acronym”, something which US audiences find important. .

James, meanwhile has been immortalised by fans of the genre along with Trevor Davis, who discovered trance in 2002.

’90s Kids Rejoice! The Spider Eggs They Used To Fill Beanie Babies Are Finally Hatching!

If you were obsessed with Beanie Babies in the ’90s, get ready to fall in love all over again, because the spider eggs they used to fill your favorite Beanies are beginning to hatch! Collectors all over the country have been reporting that the long-awaited day has finally arrived, with brown recluse spiderlings bursting through the seams of Beanies everywhere!


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